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Photo by Ryan McGuire. 

Photo by Ryan McGuire

About Andy

Andy was born in 1990 in the booming metropolis of Carroll, IA. He studied art and German at Grinnell College, graduating with honors. He holds a certificate in architecture from Harvard's Graduate School of Design. 

He has worked for design and marketing agencies in NYC and Iowa. At these agencies he contributed to and managed projects for companies such as Marc Jacobs, REX Architecture, Hog Slat, Farner-Bocken, The Graphic Edge, and thinkmodo.

Andy recently designed a magazine ad with international circulation for the renowned Bolshoi Ballet and the Russian American Foundation. 

When not making things you can find him running, obsessively listening to podcasts on politics and economics, brushing up on his German, or cuddling a K9 named Clyde.

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I'm a talker. Feel free to reach out: andylangedesign[at]gmail.com